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So you've found great-grandma in the census.  But now how do you find out her maiden name in order to trace her back further? Well, you've come to the right place --
A comprehensive list of links to free on-line marriages for every county.

(These links all go to off-site webpages, so click the Back button to return to this Marriage Central index.)

Adair-1  Adair-2  Adair-3  Adair-4  Adair-5  *  Allen-1  Allen-2  Allen-3  Allen-4  Allen-5
Anderson-1  Anderson-2  Anderson-3 Anderson-4  *  Ballard-1  *  Barren-1  Barren-2  Barren-3  Barren-4
Bath-1  Bath-2  *  Bell-1  Bell-2  Bell-3  *  Boone-1  Boone-2  *  Bourbon-1  Bourbon-2  Bourbon-3  Bourbon-4  Bourbon-5
Boyd-1  Boyd-2  Boyd-3  Boyd-4  *  Boyle-1  Boyle-2  Boyle-3  *  Bracken-1  *  Breathitt-1
Breckinridge-1  Breckinridge-2  Breckinridge-3  *  Bullitt-1  Bullitt-2  *  Butler-1  Butler-2  Butler-3
Caldwell-1  Caldwell-2  *  Calloway-1  *  Campbell-1  Campbell-2  Campbell-3  *  Carlisle-1
Carroll-1  Carroll-2  Carroll-3  Carroll-4  Carroll-5  *  Carter-1  *  Casey-1  Casey-2  Casey-3
Christian-1  Christian-2  *  Clark-1  Clark-2  Clark-3  *  Clay-1  Clay-2  Clay-3  Clay-4
Clinton-1  Clinton-2  Clinton-3  *  Crittenden-1  *  Cumberland-1  Cumberland-2  *  Daviess-1  Daviess-2  Daviess-3
Edmonson-1  Edmonson-2  *  Elliott-1  *  Estill-1  Estill-2  Estill-3  *  Fayette-1  Fayette-2  *  Fleming-1  Fleming-2
Floyd-1  Floyd-2  Floyd-3  Floyd-4  Floyd-5  *  Franklin-1  Franklin-2  *  Fulton-1  Fulton-2  Fulton-3  Fulton-4
Gallatin-1  Gallatin-2  Gallatin-3  *  Garrard-1  Garrard-2  *  Grant-1  Grant-2  *  Graves-1
Grayson-1  *  Green-1  Green-2  Green-3  *  Greenup-1  Greenup-2  Greenup-3  Greenup-4
Hancock-1  *  Hardin-1  Hardin-2  *  Harlan-1  Harlan-2  Harlan-3  Harlan-4  Harlan-5
Harrison-1  Harrison-2  Harrison-3  *  Hart-1  Hart-2  *  Henderson-1  Henderson-2
Henry-1  Henry-2  Henry-3  *  Hickman-1  Hickman-2  Hickman-3  Hickman-4  Hickman-5  *  Hopkins-1
Jackson-1  Jackson-2  Jackson-3  *  Jefferson-1  *  Jessamine-1  Jessamine-2
Johnson-1  Johnson-2  Johnson-3  Johnson-4  Johnson-5  Johnson-6
Kenton-1  Kenton-2  Kenton-3  Kenton-4  *  Knott-1  Knott-2  Knott-3  *  Knox-1  Knox-2  Knox-3 Knox-4
Larue-1  *  Laurel-1  *  Lawrence-1  Lawrence-2  Lawrence-3  Lawrence-4  Lawrence-5  Lawrence-6  Lawrence-7
Lee-1  *  Leslie-1  (  Letcher-1  Letcher-2  Letcher-3  Letcher-4  Letcher-5   * Lewis-1
Lincoln-1  Lincoln-2  Lincoln-3  Lincoln-4  *  Livingston-1  *  Logan-1  *  Lyon-1  Lyon-2
Madison-1  Madison-2  *  Magoffin-1  Magoffin-2  Magoffin-3  *  Marion-1  Marion-2  *  Marshall-1
Martin-1  Martin-2  *  Mason-1  Mason-2  Mason-3  *  McCracken-1  McCracken-2  *  McCreary-1  *  McLean-1
Meade-1  *  Menifee-1  *  Mercer-1  Mercer-2  Mercer-3  Mercer-4  *  Metcalfe-1  Metcalfe-2
Monroe-1  Monroe-2  Monroe-3  *  Montgomery-1  Montgomery-2  *  Morgan-1  Morgan-2  Morgan-3
Muhlenberg-1  Muhlenberg-2  Muhlenberg-3  * Nelson-1  *  Nicholas-1  Nicholas-2
Ohio-1  Ohio-2  Ohio-3  Ohio-4  Ohio-5  *  Oldham-1  Oldham-2  *  Owen-1  Owen-2  Owen-3  *  Owsley-1  Owsley-2
Pendleton-1  Pendleton-2  *  Perry-1  Perry-2  Perry-3  *  Pike-1  *  Powell-1  Powell-2  *  Pulaski-1  Pulaski-2
Robertson-1  *  Rockcastle-1  *  Rowan-1  *  Russell-1  Russell-2  Russell-3
Scott-1  *  Shelby-1  Shelby-2  Shelby-3  *  Simpson-1  Simpson-2  *  Spencer-1  Spencer-2
Taylor-1  Taylor-2  *  Todd-1  *  Trigg-1  *  Trimble-1  *  Union-1  Union-2
Warren-1  Warren-2  *  Washington-1  *  Wayne-1   Wayne-2  *  Webster-1  Webster-2
Whitley-1  *  Wolfe-1  Wolfe-2  Wolfe-3  *  Woodford-1  Woodford-2

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