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Census Trackers

For a $25.00 research fee, we will find your ancestor in all available U.S. Federal Census (as early as 1850 if he/she was alive then, and as late as 1940 if he/she was alive then), and we will e-mail you the results within 24 hours. NO CHARGE if we can’t find him/her in any census that you don’t already have.

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Census History for ZILLA ANN MOTE
born February 1843, Harris County, Georgia
died 3 September 1932, Columbus, Muscogee County, Georgia
married 8 July 1863, Muscogee County, Georgia, to JOHNSTON S. HOLLEMAN

Nineteenth District:
p. 093A:
Household/Family #614/643:
Simeon Moat, age 35, Farmer, $300 real estate, born SC
Rebecca Moat, age 27, born GA
Julia Ann Moat, age 17, born GA, Blind
Frances Ann Moat, age 9, born GA
Washington H.G. Moat, age 8, born GA
*Zilla Ann Moat, age 7, born GA
James A. Moat, age 6, born GA
Oregon Moat, age 5, born GA
Missouri R. Moat, age 3, born GA
Francis M. Moat, age 2, born GA

p. 212:
Household/Family #479/479:
Simeon Mote, age 55, Carpenter, $100 real estate, born GA
Rebecca Mote, age 37, born GA
Washington Mote, age 18, Moulder, born GA
*Silly A. Mote, age 16, Moulder, born GA
James Mote, age 15, born GA
Orray Mote, age 14, born GA
Missouri Mote, age 12, born GA
Marion Mote, age 11, born GA
Henry Mote, age 9, born GA
Jessee Mote, age 6, born GA
Louis Mote, age 2, born GA

Girard, Beat no. 1:
p. 151B:
Household/Family #48/56:
Holleman, J., age 36, House Carpenter, $100 personal property, born NC
*Holleman, Zilla, age 28, born GA
Holleman, Georgia Rebecca, age 6, born GA
Holleman, Virginia L., age 4, born GA
Holleman, Rosetta J., age 2, born AL

p. 567B:
Early Street:
Household/Family #107/128:
Hollowman, Jno, age 49, Carpenter, born NC, both parents born NC
*Hollowman, Zilla, age 37, wife, born GA, both parents born GA
Hollowman, Georgia, age 15, daughter, born GA, father born NC, mother born GA
Hollowman, Virginia, age 14, daughter, born GA, father born NC, mother born GA
Hollowman, Rosetta, age 12, daughter, born GA, father born NC, mother born GA
Hollowman, Robert, age 10, son, born GA, father born NC, mother born GA
Hollowman, Russel, age 8, son, born GA, father born NC, mother born GA
Hollowman, Reuben, age 2, son, born GA, father born NC, mother born GA
Hollowman, Joe, age 4, daughter, born GA, father born NC, mother born GA
Household/Family #107/129:
Mote, Marion, age 30, Moulder, born GA, both parents born GA
Mote, Rebbecca, age 35, wife, born GA, both parents born GA
Mote, Louis, age 3, son, born GA, both parents born GA
Mote, Ella, age 1, daughter, born GA, both parents born GA
Mote, James, age 3 months (born March), son, born GA, both parents born GA

[1890 FEDERAL CENSUS: Not Surviving]

Columbus City, Ward 2:
p. 197A:
825 Front Street:
Household/Family #5/7:
Hollomon, Jno, born May 1837, age 63, married 37 years, born AL, both parents born SC, Occupation: Farmer
*Hollomon, Zilley, wife, born Feb 1844, age 56, married 37 years, mother of 8 children (8 living), born GA, father born NC, mother born GA
Hollomon, Rueben, son, born Nov 1881, age 18, born AL, father born SC, mother born GA, Occupation: Iron Moulder
Hollomon, Reece, son, born Feb 1879, age 21, born AL, father born SC, mother born GA, Occupation: Iron Moulder

Columbus City, Ward 6:
p. 189A:
400 3rd Avenue:
Household/Family #25/29:
*Holliman, Zilley, age 67, Widowed, mother of 8 children (7 living), born GA, father born SC, mother born GA, Occupation: Retail Merchant, Groceries
Portman, Fannie, sister, age 75, Widowed, mother of 7 children (5 living), born GA, father born SC, mother born GA, Occupation: Seamstress
Mote, James, brother, age 67, Widowed, born GA, father born SC, mother born GA, Occupation: Core Maker, Iron Works

Columbus City, Ward 8:
pp. 110B-111A:
1306 Twentieth Street:
Household/Family #275/323:
Holleman, Reuben O., age 37, born GA, father born MS, mother born GA, Occupation: Moulder, Foundry
Holleman, Mattie, wife, age 33, born AL, father born US, mother born GA, Occupation: Merchant, General Store
Holleman, Rome, son, age 14, born GA, father born GA, mother born AL
Holleman, Janice, daughter, age 3, born AL, father born GA, mother born AL
*Holleman, Zillie, mother, age 78, Widowed, born GA, father born SC, mother born GA, Occupation: Merchant, General Store

Columbus City:
p. 027A:
446 Second Avenue:
Household/Family #439/492:
Portman, Rosa, age 61, Widowed, born GA, father born MS, mother born GA
Portman, William J., son, age 20, married, age at first marriage: 20, born GA, both parents born GA, Occupation: Painter, Bottling Plant
Portman, Myrtle J., daughter-in-law, age 17, married, age at first marriage: 17, born FL, both parents born FL
Ruffin, Jack, grandson, age 5, born GA, both parents born GA
*Holleman, Zilla, mother, age 86, Widowed, born GA, father born NC, mother born GA


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